The Best Compact CPU Water Coolers – A Guide 

CPU Water Cooler

If you‘re looking for an effective way to keep your CPU cool, you might want to consider investing in a compact CPU water cooler. These compact coolers are ideal for small form factor PCs, and they provide great cooling performance without taking up too much space. All-in-One water cooling for CPUs – How to find the right one! They are …

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The best CPU Coolers for Intel Socket 1700 – 2023

CPU cooler

When it comes to keeping your Intel Socket 1700-based CPU running cool and quiet, the right CPU cooler can make all the difference. With a wide range of options on the market, selecting the best CPU cooler for your Intel Socket 1700-based setup can be a daunting task. CPU cooler for socket 1700 – How to find the right one! …

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CPU Ranking 2023 For Gamers | Complete Guide

CPU Ranking

When gaming on the PC, it’s not just about graphics performance: the performance of the processor is also important. Although the load can vary depending on the game engine, the same applies as with the graphics cards: the more power there is, the smoother the game runs. Basically, there are currently not many games that use more than six cores. …

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Intel Z690 Motherboard – How To Find The Right One!

Intel Z690

After a long time, the 12th generation of Intel’s Core I series should once again become the ultimate in the consumer sector. After AMD’s dominance with the Ryzen CPUs, Intel now wants to set the tone again and offer maximum performance in games. A suitable base for this is mainboards with a Z690 chipset. If you want to be there …

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The Best AMD B650E Motherboards – Complete Review


While the AMD mainboards always stood for the high-end chipsets with an X, the launch of the AM5 socket has now also added the suffix E for extremes. So there are two versions of both chipsets: X670E and X670, but also B650E and B650. The Extreme chipset brings some additional features with it. Among other things, there is PCIe 5.0 …

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