2 GPU Mining Rig: How to Connect 2 GPUs to Your Motherboard: AUTHENTIC GUIDE

Single GPU mining is a trustworthy process. How to Connect 2 GPUs to Your Motherboard is the question that we are going to find answer. However, multi-GPU mining increases a few questions for novices who’re nevertheless locating their manner IN the global of cryptocurrencies.

There is a chunk of labor to do earlier than you may upload all of the graphic cards. If we did, Windows won’t be capable of paintings with them. We’ll first replace a handful of settings inside the motherboard BIOS.

Next, we can set up our running machine (OS), Windows 10, and the use of the Windows 10 bootable USB power from element 2. Finally, we can make a few modifications to the Windows 10 settings and replace the video card drivers.

At this point, we will flow on to what’s regularly the part of any construct that may be frustrating: placing the last video graphic cards in place. But, even to get to this point, we have to first contend with the BIOS and the Windows running machine.

Quickly begin to step through the step How to Connect 2 GPUs to Your Motherboard

Have a plan. How many GPUs do you need to run? Personally, I’m now no longer partial to walking greater than four GPUs on a single machine, however, you may grow it to five without an excessive amount of trouble. Above five, any trouble and the complete platform if it’s far offline.

The greater graphic cards you have, the greater tough it’s far to clear up the trouble. Support for greater than four graphic cards will become confined and calls for greater superior know-how to perform and configure everything.

Choose a strength source.

The version of the GPU you intend to run will decide the strength supply. If you need to run 4x 1080ti they use 250W every on inventory configuration. Motherboard, CPU, RAM, risers, and HDD will use around 50-80W. You may also want 1-three risers eating as much as 75W every.

So in principle, you may want a 1200W PSU due to the fact you continue to need to go away a few overheads. It will simply run your 1080ti at 65%-75%, or around 150W-200W so that you can without difficulty run this machine on a 1000W PSU.

If you intend the use of 5x 1070, you are probably capable of breaking out with an 850W PSU. You should do the math.

You ought to additionally bear in mind the power performance of the strength supply. Gold and platinum strength components are a have to due to the fact you may correctly run them in the direction of their most wattage and that they simply prevent a LOT of cash on strength over 12 months.

Enough that the better the PSU rating, the quicker it can pay for itself in savings. I continually purchase the most effective platinum. You need at least eight, however preferably 10 6/8-pin PCI-e strength connectors. Another approach is to apply strength components, however again, you may need to keep away from this if you may.

Choose your motherboard.

You can use any motherboard with an aggregate of big PCI-e slots and Mini PCI-e slots. Risers are superb for decreasing warmth and spacing graphic cards. I endorse 2-three complete-length pitches. If the motherboard format lets in for an amazing spacing of three, if now no longer simply 2.

If you are the use of graphic cards which are huge and take in 2 or greater slots, you can haven’t any desire however to head for two GPUs at the motherboard.

The relaxation will cross in elevators that require electricity. I for my part use older Intel chipsets which can assist i5 or i7 processors. I currently used a few five 12 months of vintage motherboards mendacity round.

Choose your CPU, RAM, and HDD.

It’s quite clean. Get the most inexpensive you may discover of the three. An exact processor is the intel i5 6400t. This model runs on very low strength and may nevertheless do excellent CPU mining which is largely unfastened in your mining rig.

It’s additionally very reasonably priced and clean to discover used, or any similar/unfastened processor. The SDD ought to be at the least sixty-four GB, so get the most inexpensive you may discover. Any 4GB of RAM is fine, 2x 2GB dual-channel is ideal.


Case or no case. Custom or low price. If you need to construct an inner case, you may, however, you may most effectively suit graphic cards inner.

The different graphic cards might be at the doors thru the riser cable that’s commonly most effective 60cm long. I do not endorse it, however in case you simply need to construct a 2 GPU rig in a single case, it is ideal. In that case, you may need fan-fashion graphic cards like this one.

How to apply a couple of GPUs for mining?

Decide what number of GPUs you may use.

Multiple GPU structures are common, however, going as many as four or five graphic cards have to suffice. When you exceed that number, issues in your platform take you offline entirely, and it is tougher to parent out what went wrong. If you are now no longer a professional in hardware and software, persist with a secure number.

Get an appropriate strength to deliver unit (PSU).

Make certain which GPU you’ll use and estimate how a lot of strength your complete crew will want. When you are certain, get a strength to deliver which could strength all that electricity. Gold and Platinum strength elements are foremost for this assignment due to the fact you may thoroughly run them toward the most output.

Mother card.

Any motherboard with a mixture of great PCI-e slots and Mini PCI-e slots has to be fine. Risers had to manipulate the temperature of the deck and permit the area among the graphic cards. 2-three complete length slots are sufficient for the assignment. However, this could depend upon the layout of the motherboard.

CPU, RAM, and tough drive.

Mining is all approximately the GPU so that you can get the most inexpensive CPU, RAM, and HDD. For the processor, you may thoroughly move for an Intel i5 6400t. It can live on at the same time as eating low strength at the same time as doing top CPU operation.

As for the RAM, eight GB is sufficient in case you use this device handiest for mining. In phrases of storage, move for a 128GB SSD, you virtually do not want extra than that.

When it involves temperature manipulation, there are some matters to consider. The foremost temperature on your GPUs at the same time as mining is between 60 and 70 °C.

If it rises to 80°C, you have to take a look at if the whole lot is ok and try and decrease the temperature with a countermeasure.

It is going with out announcing that temperature manipulation has to be carried out as a preventative measure so you have to already set your tool for enough ventilation.

To do this, you want to shop for fans. Place one huge fan in the front of the whole pc and smaller ones in the front of every GPU. In this manner, the warmth may be dissipated.

Leave a window open if you may, and get internet to maintain insects out. Air conditioning is not reasonably-priced and does not have paintings in addition to fans, so do not even invest in it.

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