There are numerous viable audio configurations for connecting the audio system to your pc audio. See your speaker documentation and the guide in your motherboard or sound card for greater help.


Most PCs have an inner speaker. It’s a reasonably-priced little speaker and generally slightly audible. So you may in all likelihood need to attach an outside audio system to your PC. Here are a number of the alternatives you may discover in your PC to attach outside the audio system:


Rear speaker connectors:


The well-known PC setup is to attach a fixed stereo audio system to the audio output jacks at the I/O panel, placed at the return of the everyday PC.




High-give-up audio structures might also additionally use the Sony/Phillips Digital Interconnect format. It calls for unique gadgets and optical cables used best via way of means of extreme audiophiles and has separate S/PDIF connectors: one for input (S/PDIF In) and one for output (S/PDIF Out).


DVD speaker jacks:


An older PC might also additionally require you to attach your audio system to the DVD adapter board as opposed to the PC’s I/O panel. A PC without a particular DVD adapter does now no longer have this requirement.


Front speaker jacks:


For delivered convenience, many PCs replica the speaker and microphone jacks at the front of the console. You can without difficulty plug in a headset, even though now no longer all PCs can help you use each headset at the front of the console and the audio system at the return.


USB audio system:


You can plug a USB audio system or headphones into any USB port in your pc.




Connecting the audio system or headphones to a 3.5mm mini-jack



Audio connections and their color codes.

On a maximum transportable audio system, the proper channel speaker is the “main” speaker in conjunction with the extent knob, and frequently has or greater wires popping out the returned. One of those cables must connect with the left speaker, and the opposite must have a 3.5mm mini-jack that plugs into the PC’s audio-out jack. If your audio system requires a strength deliver to make a bigger sound, there must additionally be a strong twine. This twine ought to be plugged right into a wall outlet or surge protector outlet.


On the return of the pc, join the mini-jack to the road degree audio output. This port is generally lime inexperienced as proven inside the image.


Some motherboards may additionally have the subsequent connections (now no longer proven) for 4, 5.1, and 7.1 speaker configurations.


CS-Out – Center speaker/subwoofer.

RS-Out: Surround returned line out.

SS-Out – Side surrounds speaker.

USB audio system or headphones

USB plug coming into a USB connection



To join a fixed USB audio system or headphones, insert the tool’s USB connector into one of the open USB ports in your pc. The tool must be mechanically identified via way of means of the pc. For greater information, please consult with the consumer guide of your tool.


Pc users

To join the audio system to a pc without an audio line-out port, insert the mini-jack into the headphone port.


Audio system with subwoofer

If your audio system has a subwoofer, the proper speaker connects to the subwoofer. Make certain the subwoofer is likewise becoming on if it has a strong turn on the returned.


Can I join the audio system to an operating pc?

Yes. You can join and disconnect the audio system at the same time as the pc is on and running. Most cutting-edge working structures additionally show a pop-up notification while the audio system is linked to and disconnected from the pc.


Take a look at the audio system

Once the audio system is linked, modify the extent to make certain it is now no longer too loud or too gentle via way of means of adjusting the extent knob. Open an audio or video file, insert an audio CD, or go to an internet site like YouTube to check the audio system to make certain the paintings.


Do I want to put in drivers for the audio system?

No. The audio system now no longer want drivers. If no audio system paintings together along with your pc, your sound card might also additionally want drivers installed.






Stage 1


Shut down the pc absolutely if you are putting in a PC speaker on a pc you’ve got already built. Unplug the strength twine and location the PC case on a robust desk or workbench.


2nd step


Open the pc case. A PC case from time to time has a launch lever that you may use to slip the lid off without tools. If your case does now no longer have a launch lever, discover a fixed of Phillips screws at the return and cast off them earlier than sliding the quilt off the case. After casting off the quilt, lay the case on its aspect so that you can get the right of entry to the motherboard.


Step 3


Locate the PC speaker connector close to the front of the case. The connector generally has wires, black and red, and a black connector with 4 holes at the give up. Examine the black connector and observe the hollow with a dot or arrow subsequent to it. This give-up of the connector must line up with pin 1 at the motherboard.



Step 4


Look for a financial institution of pins at the motherboard close to the front of the PC case. Near the bowling alley, there must be a manual explaining the cause of every bowling section. Examine the manual to discover the 4 pins labeled “SPK”, “SPEAKER” or similar.


Step 5


Position the connector over the 4 corresponding pins in order that the aspect of the connector marked with an arrow or dot passes over the pin marked “1”.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I want a speaker for my motherboard?


First of all, it isn’t necessary. This allows in case you want to troubleshoot, however in case your device boots and permits you to put in the working device, you are properly to go. The motherboard speaker is not anything extra than the motherboard connector, cables, and a small speaker attached.


What is a motherboard speaker?


Also called a PC speaker, incorporated speaker, and device speaker, the inner speaker is a primary speaker on a motherboard that generates beeps, beeps, and monotones. This speaker could be very primary and isn’t a speaker for gambling songs, songs,s or different complicated sounds generated in a game.

Does the PC have integrated speakers?


The solution to the question “Do video display units have speakers?” is if. Most video display units include integrated speakers so that you can concentrate on numerous sounds and songs without putting in place outside speakers. These are the maximum not unusual place methods to flow audio for your video display units.

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