If you’ve got an ASUS motherboard with RGB lights, you could use iCUE to manipulate its lights and the RGB lights of ASUS GPUs. If your motherboard has a 12-volt analog RGB header, you could additionally use iCUE to manipulate lights for gadgets linked to the header.


Aura Sync is a characteristic on ASUS motherboards that permits synchronization of light outcomes throughout motherboard buttons, LEDs, and Aura Sync-enabled add-ons consisting of Aura Sync-enabled keyboards, headsets, and mice. The characteristic has been up to date over the last 12 months and is now like-minded with the brand new Aura Sync-enabled ASUS Aura mild strips. Furthermore, Aura Sync is found in exclusive modes: “Smart” and “Aura Sync”.


If you presently have an ASUS Z170-A or Z270-A motherboard, you know the way traumatic it could be to modify the motherboard’s RGB lights to your liking. You may also sense a chunk confined because it isn’t always a completely customizable card just like the ASUS ROG Maximus XI series. The RGB lights in this motherboard are managed thru Aura Sync, an era that permits you to synchronize the RGB LED lights on like-minded ASUS motherboards.



Why is Aura Sync covered in Corsair iCUE?


The aura software program is handiest likeminded with ASUS products, at the same time as Corsair iCue software program is handiest likeminded with Corsair products. This is whilst the sport begins.


What takes place in case you placed them together?


Motherboard RGB lights zones will now be incorporated into iCUE, following its advent at CES 2020. As a result, ASUS Aura-enabled motherboards will seem in Corsair iCUE, and RGB lights may be managed via way of means of different iCUE-enabled gadgets.


It is terrific to look at this sort of diploma of cooperation among companies.


But here is the twist:


The software program that has been launched is in beta. This beta model provides RGB lights manipulate to numerous Aura Sync-enabled ASUS motherboards.


There is a small flaw:


You will now no longer be capable of using RAM except you’ve got Corsair RAM. However, the cutting-edge updates also can clear up those issues.


The largest advantage of the combination is that it removes the want for each Aura sync and Corsair iCUE to be lively at an identical time. Both obligations may be treated via way of means of this application.


You can run this application to your ASUS motherboard even in case you do not personal a single Corsair product. You can extrude the RGB headers on ASUS motherboards further to control the real lighting fixtures of your RGB additives. As a result, I assume it is an outstanding deal in your PC Case Light or maybe your desk.



How to configure ASUS Aura Sync motherboards in iCUE



I use Aura to personalize my motherboard lighting fixtures, however, accept as true with me, this iCUE is an awful lot greater superior software program. To configure ASUS Motherboard Integration in Corsair iCUE, you’ll want those four documents:


ASUS Aura Sync Utility Tool (Version 1.07.79)

Corsair iCue (model 3.26)

Aura Sync likeminded motherboard

ASUS iCUE plugin integration report

Now that you have all of those four integration documents, you could now start the setup process.


  1. Download and set up the cutting-edge model of iCUE


For a continuing setup, you want to download the cutting-edge model of ICUE (v.3.26 or newer). Run the step file and set up iCUE to the report listing location: C.


Note that:

If the app begins off evolving withinside the background, near it from the Windows gadget tray.


  1. Download and set up the ASUS Aura application software program.

One component to word whilst putting in ASUS Aura software program:


The Aura application will now no longer run at an identical time because of the iCUE software program. Therefore, do now no longer try and run each package at an identical time.


Please set up the cutting-edge or cutting-edge model of Aura (v.1.07.79) or replace the modern-day application.


After putting in the Aura application, do now no longer run it because it will battle together along with your Corsair iCUE. The Aura app and offerings are the handiest matters that want to be installed.


Consider the following:


ASUS Aura does now no longer want to be on or jogging inside the background. Continue to the following step after you get here.


  1. Get the iCUE Aura plugin.

Install the Aura plugin and keep the documents withinside the following listing:


Local Disk C > Program Files (x86) > Corsair > Corsair iCUE Software > Plugins.


Proceed to the following step as soon as you’ve got located the plugins in the right listing.


  1. Use Corsair iCUE to sync all RGB lighting fixtures on the ASUS motherboard.


You will want an Aura Sync likeminded motherboard to finish this step. If you’ve got got an Aura-like-minded motherboard, it’s going to display up as an ASUS motherboard while you open the Corsair iCUE app.


It is critical to don’t forget the following:


The light alternatives supplied via way of means of the Corsair iCUE rely on the kind of motherboard.


Do you need to realize what the most important element is?


For greater state-of-the-art animations, you could use a couple of stages of light zones.


Components linked in your RGB headers also can be managed via way of means iCUE.


However, there’s a problem:


At this time, 5-volt virtual ARGB headers will now no longer work.


This is the way you hyperlink your iCue and Aura motherboard to absolutely sync your RGB lights setup.



The Aura Sync Plugin for iCUE may be downloaded here.

Aura Sync PLUgin for iCUE software program permits you to manipulate the RGB lights of your ASUS motherboard and all RGB additives linked to it thru iCUE.


This is in which you could get the Aura Sync plugin for iCUE:


The Aura Sync Plugin for iCUE may be downloaded here.


Frequently asked questions

What is the satisfactory manner to sync ASUS Aura with iCUE?


Answer: To sync ASUS Aura with iCUE, please observe those steps:


  1. Download and set up the cutting-edge model of the iCUE and Aura Sync plugins.


  1. After commencing iCUE, visit Settings.


  1. Click the gadget reminiscence icon to permit complete software program management.


  1. In Aura sync, navigate to the DRAM image and click on the join button.


  1. To keep your changes, click on yes.


Is it feasible to sync Aura with iCUE?

Yes, you can use iCUE to sync ASUS aura. Corsair has partnered with ASUS to fully integrate Aura with iCUE, according to the latest news.

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