MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI: Unleash Gaming Power with Cutting-Edge Technology

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Today, I want to share my personal experience with the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI ATX Gaming Motherboard. Join me as we explore the incredible features and performance of this solid motherboard that truly enhances your gaming experience.

MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI ATX Gaming Motherboard


1. Supports 10th Generation Intel Core / Pentium Gold / Celeron Processors for LGA 1200 socket.
2. Dual channel DDR4 memory support up to 128GB at 4800MHz.
3. Lightning USB 20G for blazing-fast USB speeds up to 20Gb/s.
4. Twin Turbo M.2 slots with M.2 Shield Frozr technology for ultra-fast SSDs.
5. On-board 2.5G LAN and Gigabit LAN with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) for enhanced networking.
6. Pre-installed I/O Shielding for convenience and protection against electrostatic discharge.
7. RGB lighting control for customizable aesthetics.


– CPU Socket: LGA 1200
– Compatible Devices: Personal Computer
– RAM Memory Technology: DDR4
– Compatible Processors: Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium Gold
– Chipset Type: Intel
– Memory Clock Speed: 4800 MHz
– Platform: Windows 10
– CPU Model: Pentium
– Memory Storage Capacity: 128 GB
– Wireless Type: 802.11ax
– Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 2
– Brand: MSI
– Item model number: MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI
– Item Weight: 4 pounds
– Product Dimensions: 12 x 9.6 x 2 inches
– Manufacturer: MSI
– ASIN: B0876J8436
– Country of Origin: China

A Perfect Balance of Performance and Value:

When it comes to purchasing a motherboard, it’s crucial to find one that offers the right balance of features and affordability. The MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI excels in this aspect, as it delivers exceptional performance without burdening you with unnecessary features.

Windows 10 recognizes this motherboard seamlessly, downloading the correct drivers to ensure smooth operation right from the start.

Smooth Compatibility and Powerful Performance:

I paired this motherboard with my 10850k CPU and Crucial Ballistix 3600MHz 32×2 (64GB) memory, and the results were outstanding. With XMP enabled, I experienced no issues, and my CPU easily reached its 4.8GHz/5.2GHz clock speeds.

While I haven’t delved into overclocking just yet, I can confidently say that this motherboard is more than capable of handling such endeavors.

Versatile Connectivity and Intelligent Design:

The MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI offers an array of fan headers, including 2 CPU headers and 6 system headers, allowing for efficient cooling customization.

However, it’s essential to take note that the M.2 drives will disable specific SATA ports. M.2 #1 disables SATA2, while M.2 #2 disables SATA 5 & 6. This motherboard also boasts RGB lighting control, although I would recommend using an aftermarket RGB controller for a better experience.

Seamless Updates and Reliable Performance:

I purchased this motherboard in January 2021, and it came with the October BIOS version. Updating it to the latest version was a breeze and ensured I had access to the most up-to-date features and optimizations.

It’s worth mentioning that I haven’t utilized the Wi-Fi capabilities of this motherboard, but it played a significant role in my decision to choose it over other options, such as the Tomahawk.

A Solid Performer, a Few Hiccups:

Overall, the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI has proven to be a reliable and robust motherboard for my gaming needs. However, I did encounter a minor issue when attempting to register the product for future warranty purposes.

MSI’s website gave an error regarding the CHK number, making the registration process a bit cumbersome. I recommend taking note of the Serial Number and CHK Number before installing the motherboard to avoid any registration difficulties.

The Controversial Easy Anti-Cheat Compatibility:

One crucial point to consider is that using this motherboard with the Easy Anti Cheat system in certain games or platforms may result in a ban.

Unfortunately, the required drivers for the motherboard utilize memory adjustments that trigger false cheating accusations from the anti-cheat system.

MSI has acknowledged the issue but has yet to provide a resolution. If you primarily engage in games with the Easy Anti Cheat system, it’s worth exploring alternative options.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What processors are compatible with the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI?

The motherboard supports 10th Generation Intel Core, Pentium Gold, and Celeron processors.

How much RAM can be installed on this motherboard?

The MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI supports dual-channel DDR4 memory up to 128GB at a frequency of 4800MHz.

Does this motherboard have Wi-Fi capabilities?

Yes, it features Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) for lightning-fast and stable wireless connectivity.

What is the USB speed of the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI?

The motherboard is equipped with Lightning USB 20G, offering USB speeds up to 20Gb/s from the rear USB Type-C port.

Does this motherboard support high-speed storage?

Yes, it features Twin Turbo M.2 slots with M.2 Shield Frozr technology, delivering transfer speeds of up to 32 GB/s for ultra-fast SSDs.


In conclusion, the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI ATX Gaming Motherboard offers an excellent balance of performance, features, and affordability.

With seamless compatibility, powerful performance, and versatile connectivity options, it’s a solid choice for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Although there were minor hiccups, such as the Easy Anti Cheat compatibility issue and the registration process glitch, the overall performance and value of this motherboard make it a worthy investment for any gaming setup.

Ready to take your gaming experience to new heights? Don’t miss out on the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI. Purchase it now from Amazon and unlock the full potential of your gaming endeavors: Amazon.


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