The best CPU Coolers for Intel Socket 1700 – 2023

When it comes to keeping your Intel Socket 1700-based CPU running cool and quiet, the right CPU cooler can make all the difference. With a wide range of options on the market, selecting the best CPU cooler for your Intel Socket 1700-based setup can be a daunting task.

CPU cooler for socket 1700 – How to find the right one!

Intel’s 12th generation is now on the market, but suitable CPU coolers are not that easy to find. After all, there is currently not a single cooler that supports the new socket ex works. Only cooler models that are produced by Alder Lake after the release are equipped with a corresponding conversion kit.

If you still have an older CPU cooler, you have to hope that the manufacturer offers such a conversion kit for the new Socket 1700 or just buy a new cooler. Asus offers a clever alternative for their Z690 mainboards with additional holes from the older socket 1200 so that older coolers can be installed.

However, Intel does not recommend this, as the contact pressure should be lower in this case – especially since the thermal power loss (TDP) of the new CPUs can be over 240 watts, which is why this should only be a temporary solution.

So to be on the safe side, you should go straight for a CPU cooler with a socket 1700 kit. But that also turned out to be a small hurdle at first. Because you looked in vain for a CPU cooler with the included conversion kit to start the new socket.

Therefore, one was dependent on the support of the cooler manufacturers. Enermax, be quiet, Arctic, Noctua, Scythe, Alpenföhn, and SilentiumPC are the first manufacturers to offer suitable Socket 1700 conversion kits for certain CPU cooler models, which can usually be ordered free of charge using the contact or support form.

In the meantime, however, there is a sufficient number of different CPU coolers for the socket 1700 directly with the enclosed mounting kit. So you don’t have to laboriously order the conversion kit from the manufacturer and you can start assembling immediately.

Accordingly, in our recommendations, we have only considered CPU cooler models that come with the mounting kit. There are other points to consider before making a purchase. So the cooler height is an important criterion.

Finally, it would be very annoying to buy a new CPU cooler that does not fit into the existing case. Above all, the CPU cooler height and the maximum supported height for CPU coolers in the case are to be compared in advance. You should also check the RAM compatibility with the cooler before buying.

Finally, there are some models that can cover up the RAM and therefore only allow a certain maximum amount of RAM. The HardwareSchotte editorial team has put together a clear comparison of the currently best CPU air coolers for socket 1700 and displays the recommendations directly with the current best price.

All other details and things worth knowing about the new Intel CPU generation can be found in our Intel Alder Lake article.

What else do I have to pay attention to when buying?

Large cooling capacity requires space. The CPU coolers we recommend are correspondingly high. Here it is essential to ensure that the desired CPU cooler fits into the case – especially in terms of height. Both information can be found in the technical data for both the cooler and the housing.

Can I convert any CPU cooler for the Intel Socket 1700?

No. In order to be able to mount a CPU cooler, you need a suitable conversion kit due to the new holes. These can be purchased from the respective cooler manufacturers and then only for certain models.

But: With Asus, you can install any CPU cooler that is also suitable for the socket 1200. However, this should only be a temporary solution.

How do I get an Intel Socket 1700 conversion kit?

We have linked the CPU cooler manufacturers who have suitable conversion kits for Socket 1700. Most of the time, the process is identical: send in the invoice for the existing cooler, the new 12th generation Intel CPU, and the Socket 1700 mainboard, and you will receive the conversion kit free of charge.

Alternatively, the kit can often also be purchased. In this case, no proof is required. The following manufacturers offer suitable Socket1700 conversion kits for some of their CPU coolers: Enermax, be quiet, Arctic, Noctua, Scythe, Alpenföhn and SilentiumPC

Why do you even need a new CPU cooler for the Intel Socket 1700?

The Socket 1700 is larger than previous Intel sockets. Therefore, the holes for the radiator mounts have a larger distance compared to the base 115x, 1200, so the old mounts no longer fit.

Can’t I just keep using my old CPU cooler?

This depends on the manufacturer of the mainboard. All Asus Z690 mainboards have holes from the old socket 1200. This means that older CPU coolers that are intended for sockets 115x and 1200 can also be installed.

In addition, some cooler manufacturers such as Enermax, be quiet, Arctic, Noctua, Scythe, Alpenföhn, and SilentiumPC offer suitable conversion kits for their current CPU coolers.

What can I do if the Socket 1700 kit is missing?

In this case, simply contact the support of the cooler manufacturer. If you can provide proof of an invoice for the cooler and Socket 1700 mainboard, a mounting kit will usually be sent quickly. Can’t find the CPU cooler you want for socket 1700? All CPU coolers for socket 1700 in a price comparison

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